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Application: Wendy Testaburger


Name - Kelly
Age - 18
Experience – I have been playing on for two months now as Wendy (and Bridon), and now play as Stan (and still Wendy). I basically was central in revolutionizing the game play, and it’s quite legitimate now. I privately roleplay for South Park steadily with two different people and two different storylines on the side. I also write SP fanfic, and while I am aware this is not exactly the same thing, I believe that it helps me get into the characters minds well.
How long have you been into South Park? More than a year now, and I’ve watched every episode online. I read a TON of fanfic, look at fanart, and of course, roleplay for it. I adore that world, the characters, everything about it. It’s an unhealthy obsession.
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Name – Gwendolyn Marie Testaburger (Wendy if you value your life)

Age – 14

Birthday – December 18th

Family – Wendy is an only child, living with her two parents, Mr. and Mrs. Testaburger.

Quirks – Wendy is slightly OCD. If you were to take a look inside her locker, you would notice that the spines of her textbooks are all facing the same way, perfectly aligned, and in order of her classes. She also cannot stand the frilled edge of paper torn out of a spiral notebook, lending out a pencil and not getting it back, and when the staple on an assignment is not horizontal, parallel with the short side of the page. She will not wear anything twice without being washed, would never tell you, but loves to watch Project Runway, and eats exactly 2600 calories a day, kept track of on a tiny counter in her left pocket. She drinks her coffee very black with no sugar or cream, one cup every morning first thing when she wakes up, and one right before she starts her homework when she gets home from school. Missing one of these vital cups of caffeinated nirvana leaves Wendy quite irritable and off balance for the rest of the day. Her appearance, complete with crooked bangs, is the one aspect of her life Wendy does not attempt to heavily control. She sees it as a foolhardy and anti-feminist practice: the corporate machine wants women to feel insecure enough about their appearance to spend time and money altering it, and Wendy believes the perpetuation of such idealisms for commercial reasons is toxic in society to the position of females both in the work place and at home. Therefore, she refuses to support such a trend and outwardly expresses this by not buying into the beauty industry. Fashion can be seen as an art to Wendy, but makeup is pure vanity.

10 True facts, and 1 Secret!
1.) Wendy once spent a week in France on foreign exchange. She picked up the language easily, and there began her love affair with socialist politics within a democratic system. She believes thoroughly after seeing the quality of the educational and welfare system in France that the US is in need of similar reform. She is also a strong feminist, heavily inspired by The Feminine Mystique (a book she constantly has on hand for re-experiencing when she needs something to go back to as a foundation of her ideals), and one cause close to her heart is equal rights and treatment for women in society.

2.) Wendy feels very competitive with her friend Bebe. Both controlling and manipulative girls in their own right, Bebe excels socially where Wendy falls a bit short, and Wendy’s jealous nature creates a minor rivalry between the two (at least on Wendy’s part), that creates a sort of tension in their friendship. While Wendy genuinely values Bebe as a person and a friend, she also sees the blonde as her biggest rival on the social playing field. Wendy herself has the disadvantage in social situations of coming off as superior, causing resentment in her peers. Though she does not always consciously exude this air, it successfully repels many people (particularly other girls) who know they cannot compete with her intelligence and ruthlessness as potential friends. She also sometimes finds it hard to relate to girls her own age, as Wendy is primarily occupied with her future career and university attendance.

3.) Wendy speaks fluent Arabic, and several other dialects spoken in the Middle Eastern region of the world. She has the kind of connections to organizations not safe to speak about in the open, has built them up over the years and become involved in large political agendas removed from her daily life that not even her parents are privy to. She keeps it on the down low for obvious liability reasons. Her work with such organizations is a result of her desire to one day start a create a missionary relief program for political refugees, and to hopefully work for the UN someday. Wendy has a huge amount of money she is in charge of from her ties to these organizations and political involvements, but it is generally not in expendable funds for her personal uses except in emergencies.

4.) Wendy is skilled in combat. She practices grappling informally and is more than capable of defending herself. Because of the dangerous situations her political negotiations cause, she, out of necessity knows how to handle weaponry and self defense. Despite her lack of prominence physically, Wendy is deceptively strong and fast. She can handle herself in high tension physical situations involving threat.

5.) Wendy has a photographic memory. She is a diligent note taker in class, but has little need of such. She does it as a safety measure in case she forgets something she heard during lecture, but more significantly, it keeps her mind focused, hands busy and is habitual at this point. She knows the importance of both being and appearing to be a good student. It also comforts her to have a record of her learnings, incase something does manage to slip her mind. It is mostly a back up system. She is an extraordinary student, with perfect grades and a huge amount of extracurricular activities, including her position as Student Body President, and Debate club President. Wendy is an extremely potent debater, captain of the team, due to a naturally argumentative and manipulative nature.

6.) Wendy despises wasting time and carefully plots out her schedule. She often makes lists and plans for herself months, even years, in advanced; she believes in accomplishing things as efficiently and quickly as possibly through good organization and careful planning. Wendy cannot abide by deviations from her agenda; she deals with all interruptions in a swift and sometimes overly harsh manner.

7.) Wendy is an extremely cunning, ruthless person when it comes to accomplishing her goals. When she sets her mind to something, she is very good at doing whatever it takes to reach said goal. She will manipulate others to do her will, preferring not to get her own hands dirty, take aim at weaknesses in individuals who stand in her way without much sympathy, and has no qualms with extremism should something severely provoke her. Wendy is prone to overreaction when it comes to her emotions, and is quickest to anger and suspicion when something prods her in just the right area of insecurity or annoyance.

8.) Despite her support of liberal causes to help people/animals who are suffering from ailments both physical and social that are beyond their control, Wendy is actually not an overly compassionate or sensitive person. She outwardly perpetuates an image of a caring, involved individual, but she is often unsympathetic in real situations involving her friends and relationships. She overlooks other’s reactions to her own behavior consistently, and values her own comfort and emotional satisfaction/stability over others, and when the decision calls for self-sacrifice, Wendy backs down from such. She also purposefully ignores obvious emotional distress in others when her selfish actions cause such to avoid conflicts of interest.

9.) Wendy’s relationships (with Stan and Token most prominently in the past) were always based on attributes Wendy discovered that contributed to a positive social image and fit in with her idealism for the “right kind of man” to stand by her side and take (or be coerced into taking) the same route in life as she wants to take. She has a very materialistic view on relationships and what they should offer: if a man cannot provide for her, does not fit her vision of a proper future husband (everything one would expect: intelligent, responsible, handsome, focused…), even if she has a strong emotional reaction to a person, she will not pursue anything long term with someone who does not equal a good long term investment in Wendy’s future according to her standards. She believes, contrastingly in both chivalry and emphasis on an equal role for women and men in a partnership. This will reflect in her choices in relationship partners in the future.

10.) Wendy has issues with becoming passionate. Strong emotions often drive her to distraction, and cause her to behave very irrationally and insensibly. She has been known to not only overreact and ignore reason in the face of outrage or strong sexual tension, but to also deviate in her set patterns when such a stimuli occurs. However, she ultimately chooses the logical path of lifelong expectation and achievement over any emotional gratification chasing her passions causes, and generally will do what she can to quench such interests in favor of pursuing the more logical options.

11.) (THE SECRET) Wendy still sings and dances when she is alone in her room. She has a secret dream to be a Broadway star, but knows it is a foolhardy path, a pipedream, and knows she will never deviate from her carefully planned out future to chase that senseless notion. But in her heart of hearts, she’s a passionate performer and seeks to be seen on stage and find stardom. Not that she’ll indulge in that; she has no time anymore and no inclination to leave off working towards more important goals.

Sample Paragraph!
“You can’t argue against the existence of volition,” Wendy folded her arms over each other and glared at her cowering opponent with a superior tenacity that effectively intimidated him and scrambled his thoughts to his emotive reactions. This was a conscious tactical decision on Wendy’s part; half the battle, she knew was beyond your arguments themselves in a debate. The other half was a mental game, played and preyed on the mind beyond reason. She knew that it was important not only overpower one’s opponent intellectually, but also to dominate him with intensive flexing of her own assuredness in victory, planting the seeds of defeat in all nay-sayer’s minds before the first points were even made.

“’In a purely Thoreau derived perspective, thought itself, independent from some kind of over arching, all knowing power or powers that be, allows for existence at all. Because without perspective, we cease to take in the world, and if we take nothing in, we have no way of knowing whether we actually exist. Therefore, seeing as each conscious being DOES have sensory abilities, we must infer that we, based on the information gained from and the fact of these sensory abilities, do indeed have free will. Because it is inextricable from existence,” Wendy’s voice took on a preaching quality, trembling with confidence and striding with strength through an assured cadence that had her opponent staring blankly with incomprehension. He’d have no way to address her point now; he clearly had no idea what she’d just said. Wendy smirked in her mind, but kept her features arranged in a careful mask of polite disinterest with just a hint of competitive precedence. She blinked at the boy, his freckles now standing out particularly on his ever more pale face. Wendy was used to this look of fear and defeat that now swam in his eyes as he looked about helplessly for a life preserver to save him from drowning in his own inadequacy.

Wendy could hardly respect him; he’d put up hardly any fight at all. He’d barely understood the issue before speaking about it. She felt fleeting pity for him, but mostly disgust with how he represented so many rudderless people whose inadequacy contributed to most of humanity’s major issues. She knew she stood above him, intellectually, but also in value. She valued herself. She knew her powers, knew what she was capable of, would not settle for anything less that what she deserved and could take. This opponent, any opponent, should they desire any sort of acquiescence from Wendy Testaburger, would have to prove their righteousness, and their value to her. Otherwise, they were the casualty of a cruel world that Wendy had no time to carry along, bleeding her strength away for the benefit of so small a cause.

She tossed her dark hair over a shoulder, one eyebrow arched in a lazy fashion as he struggled to answer but came up sighing. Poor, dumb bastard. She had him now, and the sinking humiliation in the set of his mouth was the flag of surrender Wendy had fought for. She repressed another smirk.

“I take it you’d like me to repeat my statement.”

Optional Section:

Height (I’ll also throw in how she’s shaped) - Wendy is 5 6” and built like a track runner (though she does not actually run). She has long, lean legs, with subtle but noticeable curves (tuckered waist and slightly broader ribcage giving her torso a narrow tube-like shape with gentle, smooth dips over her hips), medium sized breasts (nicely proportioned to her body), and diminutive shoulders that manage to look little even when squared defiantly. Her arms are also lengthy and lean, a touch of muscle visible on her forearms from carrying textbooks and regular sessions with a punching bag, and has slightly wider hips which taper off quickly midway down her thigh. She has small, deft hands with neat, thin, delicate wrists, and oval fingernails, always clean and free from dirt. She also has extremely small feet, and a lovely, slender neck.

Weight – 120 pounds.

Eye Colour (I’m going to detail her entire face for you- just because I have it all pictured, so I want to let you guys see it too)- Wendy has a small, severe face: high, round cheekbones and a small pointed chin, set with round, almond shaped blue eyes, so dark in color that they are almost violet, a little round mouth with a slightly-too-thin upper lip and uneven cupids-bow, a very small, slightly upturned nose, long, thick black eyelashes, and sharp, critically slanted eyebrows. She has olive toned skin, deep dimples when she smiles, and a permanent crease on her forehead from worrying which deepens under duress. She has a large brown freckle on the arch of her right cheek.

Hair Colour/Style: Wendy has long, black hair that falls just to her mid-back, and which refuses to conform to being either straight or wavy; it instead contains sections of hair that show deviation, and others that fall completely flat. Her crooked bangs (she has never managed to get them completely straight) hang midway down her forehead; when they grow too long, she sweeps them off to the side until she finds the time to cut them again. Occasionally, she wears it in a high ponytail over her ears, but usually it is parted in the middle and hanging down naturally, combed and clean, but not particularly styled.

Clothing: Wendy wears a fitted lavender jacket with black buttons down the front that falls just below her thighs with a black pan collar, yellow or black leggings (depending on her mood), a dark blue turtleneck sweater, tall, calf high, leather black snow boots (or gray flats when the weather allows), navy blue mittens, and a quarter-sized gold locket from her mother around her neck. She occasionally wears her pink beret, decorated with a pink cloth bow on one side, or a short yellow scarf knotted over her chest. Wendy does not wear makeup besides clear, aloe-vera chapstick.
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