October 19th, 2010

Oh, Life

I should update more often, but life is busy, what can you do?

I've been organizing the shit out of my schedule. Outside of my job, which is great--Thanks, Stan, and Debate Club meetings (don't get me started on THAT headache in progress), trying to organize a canned food drive, and keep up with classes (Biology midterm coming up- anyone else feeling like that study she handed us isn't going to help at all?), and running for Student Council President (Not that anyone is running against me...still, it would be nice to have your vote!)...I've had no time.

Oh, and does anyone want a dog (Heh, Christophe...I know how much you love them! :P)? He's at Stan's house now...but he needs a permanent home. He's really cute- medium sized, big brown eyes...and I've got him mostly house-trained...

I've been calling him "Jordie". He likes his belly scratched. And licking toes. And cuddling. God, someone take him before I get too attached!

My parents won't let me keep him, and they'll put him down if I leave him at the shelter! I feel bad leaving him with Stan (Sparky is surely unhappy with the whole arrangement...they have to be kept separate, you know). Let me know if any of you have a place in your home for him, and I'll be eternally grateful!

In other news, I'm being Catwoman for the Halloween dance at school. You should all go. Student council's been working like mad to set it up, so it should be really fun. On Halloween I'll be reading at the Childrens Hospital in a Snow White costume. Then maybe going home and watching some Slasher films with my girls. If any one needs community service hours, we can always use volunteers at the Hospital. Text me for details!

Thanks for reading!